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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Smash Book

I started my first Smash Book this week. It is going to contain things on my Bucket List. I had a birthday last month - turned 58 years old. This past year I have done many new things, including starting this blog. All of it is going into my Smash Book. I love life, and all it has to offer......not that I plan on going wild or anything....but I do plan on actually doing things I have been thinking about, and not just keep thinking about them. Doing them has been so much more fun. It all started last year - with my daughter Melody's New Years Resolution. At least one of them. That was to take her Mother to see the ocean. Which she did, her and her family. Plus many more places along the way there and back. That is what got me to thinking about all the other things I had not done, and I am going to do.

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