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Sunday, June 29, 2014

I was inspired by a friend on YT and Facebook to do more with my blog. Her blog is awesome. Hopefully I will keep with it this time. This is a layout I created using a picture of me and my sister. I am the older of the two of us. I was about three, and her two. My Mom took this picture of us in the yard wearing our "can-can" slips. The camera she had back in 1957 did not have a flash, so most of the pictures were taken outside. I only remember a couple in-doors, which I thought turned out just fine, but she thought they were better outdoors. Not too long before she passed away we were looking at this picture, and she said she did not know why she did not take a picture of us in our dresses, that they were cute too. She just did not think of it. I guess I never did either. I never even thought of whether or not we had dresses or not.
The paper I used was from Close to My Heart. An old collection I had in my stash. I used my Cricut for the fonts. The 'snapshot details' stamp is from Elle's Studio. I Also used a Tim Holts filmstrip. It has been a while since I created this, and it was for a You Tube Layout Hop, but it has always been one of my favorites. I wish my Mom could have seen it, I think it would have been one of her favorites too.


  1. Hi Roni !! Happy Sunday. I love this blog post and remember the video well. It is funny how we remember certain details when we scrap a photo from a long time ago - I swear it helps our memory! Your photo and story made me remember photos from my childhood as well - in fact one photo in particular where I have a white dress with blue flowers - I can't remember the occasion, but of course it was outdoors LOL (about 1960 or maybe 61 - I may have been four). So I called my mom and she is now busily looking through the photo box for that photo LOL. Thanks for the spark. I will look forward to your posts - we can cheer one and other on :)

    1. I hope you know I was talking about you Moira! I am going to put more of my favorite layouts on here. With some details, and hope I am half as good as you. I hope your Mom finds your picture. My Mom had her purse stolen on vacation once, full of pictures to show to family while there. She did not take many after that, and used that as the reason. Me, I took really quite a few when my kids were little only I waited to long to get them developed, and they were no good. But I am making up for it now, lol. And, yes, we can inspire each other. :)